The Shrill Collective seeks to effect civic, social, and economic change through the union of activism and the performing arts by supporting artists who are women, non binary, and other marginalized genders.  We believe that by giving women and non-binary artists an elevated platform to share their unique artistic perspective and experiences, we can transform a pipeline that has traditionally favored cis male storytelling. By pairing these stories with local changemaking organizations, we hope to advance social, political, and economic justice and equity.

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Our Story

We began as six artistic women, so totally bored of the patriarchy, in a New York City acting class. Our boredom quickly transformed into fight, and became the kindling of our fire for  justice, in November of 2016 . We were hungry for change, a community of women and an opportunity to have our voices heard. We marched. We donated. We volunteered. We phone banked. None of it felt like enough! As artists, we felt overwhelmed and unqualified to navigate the landscape of social and political justice. Until an internet meme. A joke about abstaining from certain men, until women had full legal autonomy of their bodies, led to the plot of Lysistrata, which led to The Shrill Collective.

We performed our first staged reading, a one night only adaptation of “Lysistrata” in April of 2017, in a 40 seat theater, and raised over $1,000 for The Reproductive Health Access Project. The Shrill Collective was here to stay. Our mission was set, and we have been facilitating artist’s activism through their creativity ever since. The Shrill Collective is an actively transforming organization and we are always striving to “do better” as we continue to traverse the ever growing landscape of progressive social change. Through open dialogues, and fostering diverse voices within our growing communities, we strive to bring more marginalized stories to our stages.

The Shrill Collective was founded on March 5th, 2017
We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization under Fractured Atlas.