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shrill faq’s

Let’s get shrill.

+ Why Join The Shrill Collective?

Are you itching to channel your creative talents and skills into activism? Imagine you have a roomful of determined, creative, Shrill AF artists who want to collaborate with YOU! That’s what you get with The Shrill Collective. As a woman-founded, woman-centric-activist theatrical-organization, we want to give the women and non-binary artists around us opportunities to create and expand. The Shrill Collective provides a supportive community and curated calendar of activist and artistic events to help you advance your creative endeavors.

+ What Are Perks of Being A Member?

As a Shrill Collective Member you are entitled to:

  • Members Rate on quarterly artistic workshops (these will include guest speakers, writing intensives, team building, collaborative pitch workshops, and more...)
  • Workshop and incubate “in-process” self produced works in assorted Shrill private readings, writing workshops, and Netflix & Shrill events.
  • Pitch artistic projects to be produced by The Shrill Collective for the current or future theatrical seasons
  • Participate in monthly volunteer opportunities in the NYC Metro area at local community organizations as coordinated by The Shrill Collective (We put it together, you show up! We want day to day activism in NYC to be that simple for our members!)
  • Members will receive an open invitation to audition for all productions and serve in behind the scenes creative and administrative capacities

+ What Will I Do As A Shrill?

Sacrifice a white lamb under the full moon….OMG we are totally kidding! But seriously, as a collective, every member needs the support of their fellow Shrills, to ensure this happens we ask that:

  • All members will participate in at least two productions/season, in a behind the scenes role. (Stage Manager, Lighting & Sound, Props, Ticket Taker, Wine Pourer, Professional High get it.)
  • All Members will attend four member meetings/season (don’t worry, there are snacks.)
  • All Members will pay monthly dues at the rate of $15/month (these dues go directly into the Shrill Till, which allows us to fund our workshops, productions, and supporting your creativity!)

+ Do I Have To Be An Actor To Be Part of the Collective?

No! Artists come in all forms, and our dream is to work with all of them! The Shrill Collective’s main focus is stagework, which primarily lends itself to working with performers, writers, and directors who have a desire to work within the theatrical community. However, over the last two years, we have had the great pleasure of working with musicians, fine artists, artisans, and more. If you are interested in working with us, send us a raven! (Emails are good, too.) Our goal is to ensure our members get the most out of the platforms we have to offer!

+ I’m a Dude. Can I be a Member?

Hey Dude, thank you so much for being interested in working with this rockin’ feminist company! In continuity with our efforts to transform a pipeline that has traditionally favored cis male storytelling, we are only accepting women/non-binary applicants at this time. However, we regularly work with male artists in all facets of our productions, and would love to work with you in the future. Follow us to get the most up to date casting calls, and production information, keep reading to see other ways to work with us, or contact us with any questions you may have about participating.

+ How Can I Work With You If I’m Not A Member?

Creating theater takes a village, and we believe collaboration makes for better art. Membership not for you? That’s totally cool! Here are a few ways we would love to work with you:

  • Co-produce with us! Have a production that just needs a bit of extra support and/or a Shrill eye? We’re your gals!
  • Audition for a production! Our productions have a wide range of casting needs, we are always looking for talented actors for readings and future productions. Don’t see something actively casting? Contact us with your packet to keep on file for future productions!
  • Be on our production team! Everything we produce needs a team! We are always seeking qualified crew members to help us create the best narratives and experiences for our audiences and actors alike. Contact us with your resume and interest.
  • Let us consult you! We’ve been doing this for a little while now - we’ve made the mistakes, had the successes, learned from both, and we truly LOVE what we do. Let us help bring a little philanthropy into your creative endeavors, or a little creativity into your community activism. We believe in The Shine Theory -- helping fellow organizations succeed is just as important as our own success!